Dedicated to telling your brand's story. 

Founder & Creative Director

Passionate about the creation of powerful, captivating content.

An obsession for what makes an audience tick.

Countless hours spent across YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, analysing, strategizing and creating.

Been trusted to create social video content for RedBull, Nike, BBC Sport, WIlliam Hill, Carabao, EFL, Top Gear and many more, spanning across multiple pages with followings in the millions.

Freelance since 2014, creating engaging videos for a number of brands. Determined to constantly grow, improve and achieve a high level of client satisfaction.

Alongside freelance, work included Videographer at Social Chain Media, as well as previous work experience at ITV, Maverick TV and Wasp Video.

Nothing is more important than ensuring a brand's story is told properly and effectively, whether that's through Social Media or otherwise.


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